Khaytech Courier & Shipping System is a premium shipping and courier management system that handles package handling right from packaging stage to the delivery stage.

Courier and Shipment Management system that efficiently manage all your courier and shipping operation right from packaging stage to the delivery stage. Track Shipment and know last location of shipment on google map, view Shipment image on the go, and pay for consignment using Paypal, Stripe, Paystack, FlutterWave or Bank Wire Transfer. This is the best you will ever see on the web

It was developed with the very best security algorithm any web app can have.

Integrated with Stripe, Paypal, Paystack & Rave payment gateways for easy payment and invoicing.

Created with the security in mind for utmost user experience. With Khaytech Courier & Shipping System, Shipment handling is made easy.


Test Tracking Number: 1346093271

User login:

Password: test1234

Admin URL:

Administrative username: admin

Password: admin1234

Staff URL:


Advanced dashboard with multiple excellent statistics and widget

Great UI

Lovely User Interface for sweet experience


Multiple Advanced charts for accounts, users, payments, many more..

Customers information

Manage and track all customers information

Online Payment

Paystack & Rave-Pay integrated with the banking system

Bank Transfer Payment

Offline bank payment integration for bank transfer payment.

Courier Tracking

Advanced courier tracking system with full details of shipment and package

Theme Settings

Carefully selected themes for different business needs

Account Settings

customers can manage shipment and packages from the users dashboard easily

Check Last Login

Users can check the last login date on the system for easy account monitoring


Users can send email to admin on the system for easy collaboration

Notice Management

Admin can post notice


Paystack integrated, users can pay online via Paystack

Rave Pay

Stripe integrated, users can pay via Rave Pay

Messaging System

Private and group messaging system for all users


Administrator can manage system every settings options like payment settings, staff settings, system settings and many more

Reset Password

Reset password of any user is now very easy

Complain Management

Users can add complain about anything to authority

Online Registration

New Customers can apply for bank account

System Requirements

*** PHP 5.4 - 7.0

*** MYSQL 5+

*** PHP ZIP Extention

*** PHP ZIP Extention

*** Internet Connection

Payment Gateway Requirements

*** Paystack Payment Gateway Account

*** Rave-Pay Payment Gateway Account

*** PayPal

*** Stripe


  1. Ensure you are on PHP Version 5.4 in order to prevent anomalies while using this script
  2. Unzip and copy the script folder in your hosting server.
  3. Make sure the script folders 'application' has permission set as 644
  4. Manually create a database using “Phpmyadmin”.
  5. Open 'application' folder in the script and open two files inside named 'database.php' and 'database-settings' You will need to edit the two files to point to the created database”.
  6. Provide database hostname, database name, username and password on line 5,6,7,8 in the opened file 'database.php' and line 12,13,14,15 in file database-settings.php as created in step 3 above.
  7. Save the file 'database.php' and 'database-settings.php'
  8. Upload database file named database.sql in 'sql file' folder to the created database in step 3 using PHPMyadmin option from your host
  9. You are good to go!!!
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